Our Services

We provide engineering design consultancy in
the UK and throughout the world.

We provide engineering design throughout the world in the following areas:

Structural and Civil Engineering
Facade Engineering
Structural Glass design

We join projects in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s through an end-user client as a sub-consultant to the architect, or sometimes it’s through the contractor responsible for constructing a project.

We can provide creative conceptual design, more detailed work for bidding and tender, or full input up to the completion of a project.



We’ve worked across the whole range of buildings from contractor-led projects for large-scale housing developments to public sculpture, and from retail ventures to one-off houses for private clients.


We’re as comfortable dealing with contemporary new-build projects as sensitive historic buildings.


Structural Services


Our work covers all structural materials, traditional and non-conventional, and all building types. 

We have an extensive portfolio of projects encompassing: 


 - Commercial and retail 

 - Education

 - Residential, both one-off and larger scale developments

 - Museums and cultural Institutions

 - Public Art installations and exhibitions

 - Interior design

 - Bridges

Our approach with all structures is to fully interrogate the options available, with a view to identifying the most efficient, economic and elegant solutions. We aim to provide clear options which address the parameters defined by the project and its architecture. Our team enjoys this collaborative approach, both within a design team and beyond with the contractors. 

Our structures team is a blend of both analytical and creative engineers, who can make pragmatic decisions as well as design refined details. Our strong architecturally-influenced background is a common thread amongst all our team, which we believe is critical to the solutions which we provide. 


Projects might be in the context of new-build, or refurbishment and restoration of traditional and historic buildings. 

We might be engaged by an end-user Client, as a sub-consultant to the Architect or by the Contractor responsible for constructing a project in a design and build arrangement. 


The extent of our involvement may be to provide creative conceptual design, more detailed work for bidding and tender, or for full input up to completion of a project. 


We can provide or procure advice related to drainage, geotechnics, highways and all other aspects of building development in the structural and civil engineering fields.

Facade engineers have assumed a central role in architectural and engineering design teams in recent years, as building envelope design becomes ever more complex due to increasingly stringent energy requirements and material and technological advances. 


Architectural trends towards more geometrically complex forms and tactile cladding materials require a greater understanding of materials – of their structural characteristics, how they are made, and how they can be used in different applications. At the same time, building envelope physics are being more closely analysed to ensure that occupant behaviour is achieved and strict building energy performance standards are met. These challenges require specialist engineers as part of the design team from the early stages of design. 

We offer a full services approach to facades in all system and materials types. The systems proposed may be custom-built for a particular project, or an assembly of existing facade typologies and technology. Our service includes full design, analysis and associated specifications whether they are performance or prescriptive-based.


Our specific experience in closely working with industry partners to extend the possibilities of fabrication places us in a unique position to ensure that every facade is conceived with fabrication technology and budget to the fore, and that these are fully integrated throughout the detailed design. 


The increasing need for more energy efficient envelopes is the cornerstone of many facade design goals. We have adopted the latest analysis software to enable us to design systems that achieve and exceed these goals. Key to this effort is the research and development we maintain to ensure we are abreast of the latest technology, coatings, and current thinking in energy efficient building skins. 

As a practice we take a very sustainable view on design and at the core of this is the re-use of existing buildings. We therefore offer a comprehensive service of existing facade condition survey and reporting, in which condition and remedial works required can be identified and specified.


Beyond that, entirely new facades systems can be designed and specified that can be compatible with the existing building structure, giving the building a new sustainable lease of life. 


Our facade group is led by Damian Rogan who has established a facade design reputation through his previous work at Buro Happold. This is strengthened by an alliance with our sister company in New York, led by Phil Khalil, who also has a deserved reputation for his facade solutions on complex projects. 

We’re world leaders in structural glass, striving to extend the realm of what’s possible with this beguiling material.

We’ve designed the world’s most progressive glass structures based on our disciplined understanding of the material’s behaviour and our analytical methods.

With them we’ve engineered the world’s largest glass panels, minimizing joints and resulting in remarkable transparency. Our drive for transparency has increased their technical capabilities to meet the ambitions of our clients.


With glass, rigorous structural analysis and flawless detailing is more critical than in other structures. We draw on our experience in the research and development of materials and analytical software applications to help us.

We’ve built up a detailed understanding of local building codes around the world and have experience in dealing with any sensitivities.


We work on all scales in structural glass, and in all locations globally. Our services range from conceptual design commissions, through assisting specialist fabricators and contractors to carry out detailed design, to full services for clients from concept design to completion. 


Design in structural glass requires a particularly rigorous approach to structural analysis, and we have many years’ experience of this, making use of the latest software developments.

We are particularly adept at getting innovative glass structural designs through the varying, and often complex, building department requirements of different cities throughout the world. We have been invited to sit on many of the standards committees around the world formed to develop more universal codes of practice governing the design of structural glass. 


In 2010, our work was recognised with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation by HM Queen Elizabeth II.

At the height of modernism, architects borrowed extensively from the marine world to shape their buildings. Today marine designers are paying back the compliment by borrowing architects’ techniques for the latest yacht designs.


Many yacht owners want to create a greater connection with the outdoors through large-format glazing or build striking features such as canopies, stairs or swimming pools.


These structures have to withstand the physical pressures of being at sea – loads are often far greater than those on buildings. They also have to meet stringent industry-specific regulations. 


We’ve found our specialisms in other areas of our work are increasingly sought after by some of the world’s top yacht designers and makers to make better and more spectacular boats.




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