Apple Zorlu wins IStructE Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence


Eckersley O’Callaghan is delighted to have won the Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence at the 2014 Awards Ceremony of the Institution of Structural Engineers for our project at Apple Zorlu.

The project also won the award for best project in the Commercial and Retail category.

The judges commented:

"Once in a while, a project is presented for the Structural Awards which truly represents the ‘state of the art’ - a project at the forefront of the technological development of the materials used in its creation. The Apple Zorlu Glass Lantern is not only a manifestation of the limits to which carbon fibre reinforced plastic and structural glass are being pushed; it is also a creation of grace, simplicity and beauty. Its five clean, crisp, plate elements take the pursuit of minimalist structure to a new level.

It is fascinating to see the synergy between structural engineer Eckersley O’Callaghan and techno-giant Apple in taking the material and technological possibilities to new limits. This truly is ‘pushing the envelope’ in more senses than one.

The Apple Zorlu glass lantern gives new life to Mies van der Rohe’s ‘less is more’ maxim. Anything more, and it just wouldn’t work."

The Supreme Award distinguish not only the particular project, but also the relentless commitment of the structural engineers involved to try new ideas and materials, to develop the necessary technologies, and to strive uncompromisingly to take the art and science of structural engineering to new levels of excellence. It is therefore singularly appropriate to grant the Institution of Structural Engineers’ Supreme Award to the Apple Zorlu Glass Lantern' 

The Structural Awards is the industry’s most prestigious awards ceremony, celebrating international excellence in structural engineering. Established in 1968, The Structural Awards recognise and reward the work of the world’s most talented structural designers, their indispensable contribution to the built environment and showcase projects that lead the industry's development.

With over 85 projects submitted this year from 22 countries, The Structural Awards are a thoroughly diverse, multi-national, world-class industry competition.

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