How close can you get to an adjacent building when piling…? This close!

5th August 2020


On our site in White Lion Street, piling is taking place only 100mm away from the face of the adjacent building. The works were carried out with piling contractor Dawson Wam who used a TM22 CFA rig, the only one in the country that can get within 100mm from an adjoining building.

The 425mm diameter piles will form the secant pile walls for a new single storey basement for a new office building designed with GPAD architects, which is expected to be completed next year.


The new development in Islington will feature a beautifully detailed exposed high quality finish precast concrete planks and ultra slim steel frame. Despite the generous grid spacing at 11m x 8m the frame has been designed to be as efficiently as possible giving a tonnage of less than 60kg/m2.

To add complexity to the design, a proposed Crossrail 2 station platform will lie directly below the new development boundary line. In preparation for this, we have completed a Conceptual Design Statement and calculation package for submission to the CR2 development body in accordance with the safeguarding conditions related to the statutory application. This has been approved in advance of construction works commencing on site.