James O'Callaghan appointed Professor of Architectural Glass at TU Delft


James O’Callaghan has been appointed Professor of Architectural Glass at TU Delft, one of the world’s foremost engineering and technology universities. He has previously acted as Visiting Professor at the university.

Speaking about the appointment, James said, “Architectural Glass is a wide area of expertise with a holistic approach to glass. This includes structural glass, but also questions on how we can create smarter building envelopes and how we can develop our knowledge of glass. Even though glass has been in existence for over 4500 years, we still need a better understanding of how glass works as a product. I want to explore how it can and will evolve.

“The TU Delft holds a strong pedigree in material research and has a leading role in the world. I have been pushing the boundaries of glass for more than 15 years in my own professional work and research. Interaction with students and researchers is key for developing fresh ideas. The wiser you become over the years, the less inventive you become. Interaction with students, exploring what I already know in combination with what I cannot even imagine, that gives new ideas.”

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