Refurbishment of historic Glasgow building, with a delicate new glass spiral staircase hung on stainless steel rods.

Apple chose a historic bank location for this refurbishment project in the heart of the retail district of Glasgow.

Listed and full of character, the building needed a sensitive approach to the refurbishment work. As structural engineers for the project, we designed a new mezzanine floor formed as a concrete flat slab to eliminate the need for down stand beams and therefore maximize the headroom space on the sales floor beneath it.

The glass staircase reflects the form of the first glass spiral designed for the Osaka store in Japan, albeit smaller in scale.

Again the curved triple-laminated glass panels on the inside and outside of the stair are suspended on stainless steel rods. The lateral stability of the stair is achieved through the continuity of glass panels forming a continuous structural ribbon of glass.

Glasgow, UK


Bohlin Cywinski Jackson | Gensler