A giant transparent bin made for trash art. Polycarbonate walls five metres high are supported by a steel frame.

Michael Landy’s installation at the South London Gallery was conceived as a ‘monument to creative failure’ and a further exploration of his obsession with the destruction of material goods. 

Art-rubbish was accepted by application only - Michael Caig-Martin, Gary Hume, Gillian Wearing, Damian Hurst and Tracy Emin all deposited artworks from their past that they considered not worth keeping. The work might be read as a satire on the art consuming mania of the contemporary world. 

15 m long, 8 m wide and 5 m high, the bin was a giant skip with a steel frame structure. Lateral thrusts on the side walls were taken out at the top by a deep edge, acting as a horizontal beam. The walls were made of transparent polycarbonate. 

London, UK

Michael Landy