Environmental modelling skills are combined with our deep understanding of facade design to deliver highly engineered building envelopes.

Our integrated design approach aims to embrace architectural, structural and environmental challenges. Through a close collaboration with architects, structural engineers and services engineers, our environmental modelling capabilities bring design solutions that maximise the performance of the indoor spaces.

Our expertise in digital design together with our building physics knowledge has allowed us to develop in-house parametric design tools that lead to optimised facade solutions, simultaneously maximising transparency and user comfort.

Thanks to our experience in envelope design, environmental modelling and our R&D efforts on adaptive facades we are able to deliver highly engineered and optimised building envelopes.

Our capabilities include:

  • Shading element design and optimisation
  • User thermal comfort assessments
  • Glare risk evaluation
  • Daylighting studies
  • Thermal shock risk assessment
  • Dynamic energy modelling
  • Dynamic glass and smart technology evaluation