Development of a custom glass mounting system for the envelope of the station entrance enclosure.

Gateway Station is the centrepiece of Pittsburgh’s 1.2-mile light rail extension. The Light / Motion Collaborative produced a transparent urban room from which to experience the city. 

The new enclosure in the centre of Philadelphia’s Gateway Plaza forms the entrance into the station below. Eckersley O’Callaghan was brought on board by the design team to develop a custom glass connection and mounting system to form the envelope.

Flat glass panels stagger and overlap to follow the curved contours of the tube steel, supported by pivoting fittings that both clamp and bond to the glass, allowing for non-linear geometry to be developed with a single fitting. 

Collaboration with the architect and installers ensured a design that minimised glass thickness by removing the need for bolted connection, creating a delicate glass surface uninterrupted by exterior surface connections. John Conti, architecture critic of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, exclaimed, “Rarely has a hole in the ground been elaborated so well!” 

Pennsylvania, PA

Maitre d'Ouvrage 
Port Authority of Allegheny County

Pfaffmann + Associates & EDGE Studio