A three-storey glass and stainless steel spiral staircase hung from above, together with a large glass floor on a supporting grid of stainless steel fins.

Challenged with the task of designing a suitable link between the Auriana private car museum and the adjacent guest house, Eckersley O'Callaghan developed a lightweight steel framed structure with a three-tier glass spiral stair suspended from a steel frame. 

The challenge was considerable, and to meet the constraints of the existing building we developed a modular frame that allowed for repetitious fabrication and ease of erection. The stair itself uses stainless steel stringers with glass treads and guardrails, supported from the crown of the connector structure with a series of small diameter high strength stainless rods. 

An additional requirement was the need to funnel daylight to the basement of the museum to facilitate the viewing of the vintage car collection under natural light. Therefore, stair frame also becomes a sun pipe to the basement. 

Within the gallery itself a glass mezzanine floor will be hung from the existing wooden structure, providing a spectacular viewing platform for the cars below.