Intricate steel frame provides the skeletal structure for the triangular shelter, clad in stainless steel and yellow interlayer glass with doubly curved front.

RIBA Stephen Laurence Prize 2000 - RIBA Channel 4 Stirling Awards
Royal Fine Art Comission ‘Jeu D’Esprit’ building of the Year Award
Civic Trust Award

The Kielder Belvedere is a shelter for walkers in the Kielder National Park that also serves as a waiting point for the local ferry. The shelter was conceived as a circle inscribed within a truncated triangle.

Described by the RIBA as a ‘beautiful folly’, it is formed using stainless steel panels on a steel frame. Externally, these are curved and highly polished. Internally, they are etched with a gold surface and yellow laminated glass roof-light overhead.

Northumberland, UK

Northumberland County Council