Design, review and installation of an all-glass staircase within a renovated space at the Onassis Cultural Center in New York.

The newly-renovated creative space in the Onassis Cultural Center presents a programme of events where audiences can engage with art, ideas and Hellenic culture. 

Eckersley O'Callaghan had significant involvement with the design, review and installation of a new all-glass staircase, developing many of the challenging details in collaboration with the design team.

The project included a number of critical structural engineering calculations. The intermediate landing cantilevers from the glass stringers and can therefore be unsupported.

The stringers are a unique fabrication challenge of four-ply, SGP structural laminate. One end of the ‘tabbed’ treads is supported by ‘mail box slots’ in the middle wall. The other ends of the treads are supported by a two-ply sawtooth stringer which is laminated to the face of a two-ply. The total is a significant four-ply laminate central wall.

The staircase also had to meet New York City building performance code regulations. We had to perform tests to verify that the resistance of the annealed treads met with specific ASTM requirements.

Manhattan, NY

Onassis Cultural Center

Perkins Eastman