Single-story residence in a highly exposed coastal location with continuous clerestorey glazing.

Sussex Design and Sustainability Award 2005
Civic Trust Award 2003

The Beach House on the coast at Pagham sits near a Site of Special Scientific Interest and the local nature reserve. The building consists of solid and private sleeping accommodation together with a structurally much lighter living space. This has large panels of glazing allowing views out to sea, and right through the building from the private terrace to the rear. Clerestory glazing around much of the building detaches the roof from the walls allowing it to float internally, flooding the spaces with light and giving high level views of the sky. 

“Coastal properties take more of a pounding because wind, rain and penetrating salt are driving in all the time”, Brian Eckersley told The Guardian when asked to comment on the structural challenges of similar sites.

Sussex, UK


Wells Mackereth Architects