COR-TEN and cast iron rifle replica cantilevers 9m out of the ground whilst appearing to be propped by a tree.

This astonishing 9m tall replica of a gun is a homage to Gainsborough’s famous 18th Century painting Mr and Mrs Andrews in which Mr Andrews poses with a gun and hunting dog alongside his new wife beneath a tree. 

The gun is actually a faithful replica in COR-TEN and cast iron of Robert Wilson’s own 19th century hunting gun, co-owner of Jupiter Artland in the grounds of Bonnington House, Edinburgh. 

Whilst giving the impression of being casually propped against the adjacent tree, it is in fact engineered to cantilever out of the ground so that it imposes no load whatsoever on the tree. This is done using a steel frame, encased in concrete below ground, and anchored into the windstone rock below. 

Edinburgh, UK

Cornelia Parker