New office building to house the IT division of Russian bank Sberbank, featuring a glazed envelope of highly complex geometry.

Eckersley O’Callaghan is engineering the envelope of the new Sberbank Technopark at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre in Moscow, which will provide 255,000 square metres of offices for the 17,000 employees in Sberbank’s IT and marketing departments. Sberbank is Russia’s market leader for banking and financial services, used by over 70% of the country’s population.

We have developed 20 different types of glazed and solid facades, roofing systems, soffits and atrium skylights across the project. The main external wall system is realised as a unitised curtain wall with inclined glass in 7 x 2 metre modules structurally bonded to the aluminium framing. This system is adapted around the external elevations across flat, faceted and curved geometries. The ground floor and entrance glazing systems use a stick system with specially developed details to accommodate the complex curvature of these areas. 

In the many winter garden spaces within the building, the facade departs from the supporting floor structure and requires secondary steel posts spanning up to 45 metres in height to resist imposed wind loads. We designed these to ensure close detailing with the curtain walls.

The atrium roofs and bridges feature gridshell-type steel structures spanning 80 x 30 metres, and we have also provided secondary systems for the canyon facades and bridges. Key primary structural movement joints have been provided for all the systems.

We developed in-house Digital Design tools in Grasshopper to parametrically analyse the complex geometry, determining the fabrication processes required to achieve the form and thermal and visual performances of each panel, ensuring we can maintain visual consistency of glass across the entire envelope.

Moscow, Russia


Zaha Hadid Architects