The first of its kind and a truly remarkable feat of engineering, a transparent swimming pool spans between two apartment buildings ten storeys in the air.

Plans for a breath-taking, suspended swimming pool named ‘Sky Pool’ have been unveiled for Embassy Gardens - the residential heart of London’s newest neighbourhood, Nine Elms on the South Bank. Ballymore are responsible for the development of Embassy Gardens with their development partners Eco World.

The stunning outdoor pool will link two residential buildings at the 10th storey – a world first – enabling residents to swim from one building to the next.

We are the structural engineers for the project, working with architects HAL Architects and Arup Associates.

Some significant engineering challenges have been addressed in developing the structural solution for this spectacular new pool.

The pool structure has a clear span of 14m between the buildings. The side walls form deep beams capable of spanning this distance whilst carrying the weight of the water, as well as resisting the water pressure on the sides and wind loads.

The two buildings are subject to normal movements, which are inherent to buildings of this scale including wind sway and foundation settlement. The pool structure deals with these movements by not being rigidly connected at both ends; it can slide and maintain watertightness.

A bonded acrylic structure offers less intrusive joints and connections and greater transparency. The refractive index of acrylic, close to the value for water, will also result in much less distortion when viewing through the water or from outside.

London, UK

Ballymore Group

HAL Architects | Arup Associates