Geometrically-complex pavilion structure, designed to suit a range of cultural and entertainment uses.

Eckersley O’Callaghan has been tasked with developing a structurally-optimised version of Gensler’s architectural concept for an entertainment pavilion in the Xuhui District of Shanghai. It will act as a cultural focal point for a larger surrounding mixed-use development.

The pavilion, which sits over a large basement structure, comprises a steelwork lattice canopy supported on Y-shaped steel columns. The structure’s geometric complexity is evident when viewed in elevation; the canopy’s upper and lower surfaces feature curves that have been developed from two spheres with different diameters, with the lower curve being more convex. We are also developing the façade design, which will feature an aluminium rain screen cladding system.

Our design takes into consideration the range of events that the venue will host, allowing for significant additional weight from AV and lighting equipment that may be hung from the canopy. The option of a curtain, which would surround and close off the pavilion for private functions, has also been incorporated.

Digital Design tools have been used extensively to rapidly test various structural options, allowing us to identify the most efficient and most elegant design solution.

Shanghai, China

Henderson Land Development Company