Tall sawtooth shopfront design of the entire Village, incorporating annealed glass by eliminating drilled holes and using laminated fittings.

Eckersley O'Callaghan were approached by Gabellini Sheppard of New York to assist them with a new concept storefront design for this landmark retail development in West London.

The key parameters were a height of eight metres and the desire to have a sawtooth profile while accommodating a sinuous geometric plan. The architect was very keen to create a crystal jewel-like effect with the storefronts in the Village that would evoke the exclusivity of the merchandise on display. 

Drawing on laminating technology we had previously developed, we conceived a simple connection detail that eliminated the need to drill holes in the glass fins. This enabled us to propose annealed glass fins which in turn had the significant processing benefit of being polished after lamination to yield a perfectly crisp and polished edge, enhancing the jewel like effect desired. The simplicity of the connection allows each fin to be angled differently relative to the face glass panels without the need for custom machined parts. 

With over 6,000 square metres of structural glass in the scheme, the ability to simplify the connecting parts to enhance the aesthetic led to a very successful outcome.

London, UK

Westfield Group

Gabellini Sheppard