COR-TEN steel freestanding screens, large glass display cases, timber ramps, canopies, podiums and panels to create the display backdrop for Vivienne Westwood’s V&A show.

The Vivienne Westwood Retrospective exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2004 was a celebration of the designer’s three decades in the fashion world and the largest exhibition the V&A has ever dedicated to a British designer.

Her work was displayed in and on a range of cases and podiums, with a backdrop of floating steel panels, creating a massive yet neutral backdrop for Westwood’s fearless, subversive designs.

We were engaged to provide structural advice for the construction of large all-glass showcases and raised floors, canopies and walls in a range of materials including fabric, raw steel and timber. All had to be pre-fabricated and quickly installed in the museum’s exhibition spaces.

Icon magazine said of the exhibition “(it)‚ is superbly designed …the physical layout of the show leads the viewer around in a clever, clear-cut linear manner.”

London, UK

V&A Museum

Azman Associates