For over a decade, Eckersley O’Callaghan has driven the development of glass as a structural material.

Our rigorous testing, disciplined analysis and creative application of glass, has been responsible for a rapid evolution in the scale and form of glass structures worldwide.

We have increased our technical capabilities to meet the ambitions of our clients, minimising joints, increasing strength and enlarging panels. Our ongoing pursuit for greater transparency has revolutionised glass manufacture and resulted in the world’s largest glass panels and the world’s largest structures supported solely by glass.

With glass, rigorous structural analysis and flawless detailing are more critical than in other structures. We draw on our experience in the research and development of materials and analytical software applications to help us.

We are particularly adept at getting new structural glass designs through the complex building department requirements of different cities. We have been invited to sit on many of the standards committees around the world formed to develop more universal codes of practice governing the design of structural glass.

In 2010, our work with glass was recognised with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.