At Eckersley O’Callaghan tackling the Climate Emergency and promoting low-carbon building design is embedded into our core engineering values.

Just as climate change targets aren’t static, neither is our approach. This is why we are constantly striving to learn from, improve and build on each design we develop. Our sustainability Research Group continually evaluates our approach and studies topics which are relevant and targeted at areas which will have the most impact.

Our extensive network of close collaborators across the industry including architects, contractors, fabricators and installers, ensure that the sustainability measures we incorporate into our designs are practical, economical and buildable.

From advancing timber design, joint research with M&E engineers for a more holistic approach to facade design, and carbon trackers to inform our designs, we are at the forefront of sustainable design.

Above all else, our engineers care deeply about sustainability and work hard to produce buildings which are in harmony with their surroundings, working with the constraints rather than against them.