Apple Stanford wins the WAN 2014 Glass in Architecture Award

This project represents another world first in the use of structural glass in a commercial building: Glass columns support a steel-framed roof with cantilevering canopy. Clad in stainless steel, it appears to float blade- thin over the glass facade. Whilst apparently simple, it hides many innovative design features needed to deal with the significant seismic forces in California.

Behind is the negative of this space: stone clad walls support a transparent glass and stainless steel roof. Further beyond is the back of house, which forms the torsionally irregular, off- centre stability system.


The steel roof at the front, formed from cellular beams for service runs, is supported vertically by glass columns which are designed to pivot and rack in an earthquake as the building moves from side to side without breaking or buckling.


The glazed roof in the middle zone forms a structural ‘void’ in the roof- plane diaphragm requiring steel geometry gymnastics to work the seismic forces through and around into the back of house stability system.

Rain run-off and gutter systems are all concealed within the stone parapets and walls. Lighting and services are run within the low profile solid roof in the front and through custom profile stainless steel beams in the middle zones.

See the project here