Glass slide showcases innovation through play


We unveiled a spectacular 9m long glass slide at this year’s GlassTec show (Dusseldorf, 20-23 September 2016) which further pushes the boundaries of structural glass design.

In collaboration with glass fabricators Cricursa, we engineered the structure to showcase the latest in innovative techniques which maximize transparency – utilizing long, tight-curvature glass and minimal, adhesive bonds without mechanical fixings. The shape of the glass was pivotal in achieving the structure’s long spans. Fabricated without splicing, the technique for forming the 9m length half tube is perfected by Cricursa as part of developing a project in Hong Kong.



Lisa Rammig, Associate, reflected, “Vidre-Slide exemplifies the collaborative approach between engineers and fabricators, testing the practical application of emerging glass technologies for tomorrow’s structures. This is one of the ways in which we contribute to pushing industry forwards.”

The exhibit was widely celebrated as a highlight of the show, with some visitors daring the sliding experience.

The project has attracted attention from international press including a feature in Dezeen.


Read more about Vidre-Slide here.