In the Press: EOC's Gregor Horstmeyer Interviewed by Form Finding Lab about Glassblowing and Engineering


A native of California, Gregor Horstmeyer is an enthusiast of performance-based seismic design, in addition to glass, timber and concrete design. Growing up working in a glass blowing studio, he eventually combined his interest in glass with studies in engineering by writing a final year thesis on hyperbolic glass shell structures at the Form Finding Lab . Since joining Eckersley O'Callaghan in 2011, Horstmeyer has worked on projects of all scales in numerous parts of the world.

Sigrid Adriaenssens: Where does your fascination for glass stem from?

Gregor Hortsmeyer: I attended a public high school that had an incredible visual arts department. The dedicated teachers there worked tirelessly on behalf of the students and the program to find funding for study in various media. Specifically, David Camner was awarded grants to promote teaching the fiery arts: ceramics, bronze casting, and glass blowing.  Interested in art, I signed up for the program as soon as I entered high school.

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