Watch Again Webinars | Hugh McGilveray – The Specialist Generalist

The engineering industry has evolved from having one 'Master Builder' into a complex mix of many different disciplines needed to bring a building into life. The once sole building architect has been joined by structural, electrical, mechanical, fire, facade, public health engineers as well as a whole plethora of other specialities. With this growing number of teams involved in the process the engineering sector appears to be becoming more and more disparate; with holism becoming harder to obtain due to commoditisation and inappropriate procurement.

In this webinar, our Associate Director Hugh McGilveray suggests a potential solution to this through the upskilling of engineering professionals to become "specialist generalist technical lead' designers within a renewed and simplified core design team.

The content for the webinar was taken from a paper written by Hugh and colleague Simon Pierce and published in the IStructE magazine which you can download here.

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