Alves Restaurant

Corporate restaurant in California with large-format frameless glazing 7.5m tall, external blinds and glass coatings selected to maximise incoming light while controlling heat gain.

Cupertino, CA

Foster + Partners

Apple Inc

Opened in 2014, this new corporate café in Cupertino is a single volume 7.5m high, surrounded on three sides by full-height frameless glazed walls. The glazing is designed and detailed to accommodate seismic displacements of the roof structure up to 120mm in any direction.


EOC worked closely with Foster and Partners and the building services engineer to devise a shading strategy that allows a maximum light transmission while controlling solar gain and glare. This required us to conduct solar modelling of various glass coating and external blind options to arrive at the optimum solution that satisfies California’s stringent Title 24 energy code.

EOC also designed and detailed the traditional stick system facades to the rear of the building, which feature drawn profiled glass selected to give a warm translucent glow.

Alves Restaurant





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