Apple 5th Avenue Mark 1

Extraordinarily bold and now iconic glass entrance structure. Two-way spanning glass lamella roof grid supported on splice laminated glass columns on 5th Avenue.


New York


Bohlin Cywinski Jackson


Apple Inc

Opened in May 2006, this 20,000 sq.ft store sits in the pedestrian plaza adjacent to the General Motors Building on the south-east corner of Central Park.


The 10m (32.5 ft) glass cube entrance stands on the refurbished plaza and appears to punch up through the sidewalk. It is structured with multi-laminate glass beams and columns stabilised by the glass walls, all connected by discrete stainless steel fittings.


The roof beams have a lamella-type structural arrangement such that each beam spans between the centres of the two adjacent orthogonal beams. At the centre of the roof hangs an 2.4m (8ft) illuminated Apple Logo.

Access to the subterranean store is via a glass staircase or elevator. The circular lift sits at the centre of the plaza opening and the stair wraps around the glass lift core. Both stair and lift are supported by the basement slab.


The glass lift walls also form the inner wall of the stair. The external guardrail picks up the outer edge of the treads by custom fittings. The guardrail spans as a helical beam supported on glass gallows shaped brackets, which are fixed at the base.


Each Apple store is a collaboration between specialist designers, fabricators and installers from across Europe and the USA. Every project attempts to explore and move forward the technology and language of structural glass.

Apple 5th Avenue Mark 1

767 Fifth Avenue

New York

NY 10153


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