Apple Soho

The original Apple Flagship store. New generation glass stair with single-spanning glass stringer beams 13m long.

New York

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Apple Inc

Refurbishment of the old post office on Green Street, Soho, to become the world’s first Apple flagship store in 2002. It was significantly expanded and refurbished in 2011.

A spectacular new generation stair was introduced, based on the one developed for Apple Hamburg. Glass stringer beams are formed in 13m lengths as single monolithic beams spanning from top to bottom without splices and laminated as one piece weighing in excess of 2 tons.

Each beam comprises 5 layers of heat strengthened glass. All tread supports are laminated into the central layer of the glass stringer, and no not protrude through the outer surface.

Lateral stability of the stair is achieved by Vierndeel action of the treads via their connection with the stringer to create a lateral glass truss.

The original glass bridge was also redesigned, with increase width and utilizing the same laminated insert connection detail to support the landing off the glass beams. These glass beams extend upwards to balustrade height and are laterally restrained by two glass beams beneath the floor of the bridge, simultaneously acting as a mid supports for the glass floor.

Apple Soho

103 Prince Street

New York


United States


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