Bulgari 5th Avenue

A new rosette-studded mesh facade for the transformation of Bulgari's flagship store.

Images: Gionata Xerra | Eckersley O'Callaghan


New York



Peter Marino Architect | Design Republic




Bulgari’s flagship store in the iconic Crown Building on 5th Avenue, New York City, has undergone a refurbishment.

Eckersley O’Callaghan engineered the new facade consisting of a rosette-studded mesh with five 30ft tall windows inserted into the existing building. The double height windows cover the Bulgari store at the ground level and a tenant space above. The intricate solid bronze lattice is inspired by the design of a clasp from a Bulgari bracelet made in the 1930s.

The display windows stand at 4ft wide x 8ft tall, and the diamond glass panels are mounted onto a bronze-clad welded steel frame which in turn support the outer bronze lattice of milled baguettes and cast florets. The facade is illuminated by custom light fixtures located behind each floret.

Glass replacement and differential thermal expansion between the lattice and glazing required careful consideration. The lattice was subdivided into smaller diamonds of the same size as the glass panels behind. This allowed for smaller thermal movements accommodated within each diamond. The diamonds can be individually removed should a glass panel need to be replaced.

Bulgari 5th Avenue

750, 5th Avenue New York

New York



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