Creative Campus

Facade comprising of laminated graphic glass blades requiring careful detailing in a highly seismic zone.

Los Angeles



Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

Brought on board by the architect and client, EOC was asked to review the approach of fabrication and detailing for the installation of laminated graphic glass blades at this Studio Creative Campus, based in California.

The demanding environmental conditions, including long term UV interlayer durability, stability of colour graphics, glass surface quality, and tempering distortion, required robust Quality Assurance/Quality Control procedures. Similarly, connection detailing for the highly seismic zone, and relatively large movements from transient loads, are critical to prevent overstress and failure of the glass panels.

EOC’s main involvement was to push for further design and verification of these connections which proved critical in the successful installation of the facade

Creative Campus

1214-1452 Grand Central Ave

Los Angeles CA



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