Drag & Drop House

Award-winning contemporary family home in North London.


Winner of BUILD News best North London contemporary house 2016

Totteridge, London

Ashton Porter Architects

London Bespoke

Drag & Drop House is a new build contemporary family home in North London providing 700m2 of accommodation.


The project responds to a sloping site with a 2 storey elevation to the rear and a stepping 3 storey elevation to the front. The rear of the house embeds itself into the landscape and a series of gabion walls provide a transition from the landscape into the main living spaces. A lower ground floor level is created by cutting into the sloping ground with a new retaining wall to the rear of the site.

The structure comprises a concrete basement box supporting a 2 storey steel frame clad in timber. The scheme includes unobstructed internal open spaces and wide frameless glass sliding door entrances, revealing an open corner facing the rear garden. We were challenged to engineer the structural steelwork to achieve the cantilevers and transfers around the perimeter. The house also features bespoke staircases with glass balustrades and cranked stringer supports.

The project was delivered within a tight programme. We produced construction information for the steelwork package, an alternative to a concrete solution, in a period of a month.

Drag & Drop House



United Kingdom


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