Glyndwr University Student Housing

Competition-winning scheme to accommodate 500 students in modular prefabricated bedrooms. These are stacked and tied to braced steel framed tair cores for lateral stability.


Softroom Architects

Glyndwr University

This scheme won an open international design competition to provide accommodation for the continued expansion of the University 

Softroom's scheme creates a new public space running through the centre of the site to tie together the existing buildings with the new development and to create a network of covered spaces for the use of students. 

Five similar blocks of housing provide 500 en-suite study bedrooms. These would be prefabricated and delivered to site fully fitted out, to be stacked up and attached to steel framed stair and lift cores, which will provide lateral stability to the assembly.

These steel frames also provide the large overhangs to the fronts of the blocks, supported on the most slender steel columns. 

A further block forms the Student Hub, providing social and communal recreational facilities. 

Glyndwr University Student Housing

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