IWM Lord Ashcroft

Complex and intricate steel-framed display benches and clad in diverse materials for the Ashcroft collection of Victoria and George crosses, their qualities embodying those for which the medals are awarded.

Imperial War Museum, London

Casson Mann

Imperial War Museum

The Lord Ashcroft Gallery displays the 162 Victoria Crosses owned by the Michael A Ashcroft Trust alongside the 48 VCs and 31 George Crosses already held by the Museum. These are the highest awards given by the UK state for selfless acts of civilian and military bravery.

Separate display structures were deigned for seven sections, each describing a ‘quality’ of bravery: Boldness, Aggression, Endurance, Initiative, Leadership, Sacrifice and Skill. Each display structure has some of the characteristics of those qualities. For example ‘Boldness’ is clad in 25mm steel plate torn through by shellfire, ‘Endurance’ constructed from a rusting cage of concrete reinforcement.

Each display has a bespoke steel frame structure of of complex geometry which integrates a high degree of security and servicing with a complex display narrative, whilst carefully spreading loads of heavy materials across the existing floor of the gallery.

IWM Lord Ashcroft




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