James Allen's Girl's School

Competition-winning scheme for a new rc framed music teaching building. A large high performance symphonic hall constructed as a ‘box within a box’ and naturally ventilated through a concrete labrynth is located partly below ground in a large basement, along with a recital hall. Teaching spaces on the floors above.


Rick Mather Architects

James Allen's Girls' School, Dulwich

JAGS is the oldest independent girls' school in London. It has a strong musical tradition, both Vaughan Williams and Holst were Music Masters there.

The proposed scheme is for a new music teaching and performance building which will form a facility for the whole local community. It includes a symphonic hall/new school assembly hall and a smaller recital hall, together with classrooms, practice rooms, recording studios and ancillary spaces.

The project was won in an invited competition during 2008. Rick Mather's scheme sinks the building one and a half storeys into the ground to reduce its visual impact. The structure will be an in-situ concrete frame, highly integrated with the M&E systems to create a naturally ventilated auditorium, and with appropriate levels of acoustic isolation throughout the building.

James Allen's Girl's School




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