Konditor & Cook - The Gherkin

Carefully detailed structural intervention in one of the City’s most iconic modern buildings.


Jamie Fobert Architects

Konditor & Cook

The new bakery inhabits a difficult double height space in one of London’s most iconic buildings.


A new mezzanine floor was inserted over 75 per cent of the existing floor area. Steel framed using lightweight prefabricated sections, it was hung from minimal points on the structure above, since no access was available to the structure in the floor below. It is clad in 3mm raw black steel with spot welds left exposed and allows the daylit kitchen to cantilever dramatically over the retail space below. The soffit has a carefully articulated geometry which sets off the play between the insertion and the building, made more dramatic by the use of boldly coloured glass cladding panels on the walls beyond.


The opening of the new bakery was celebrated by baking a 1.2m high gherkin cake.

Konditor & Cook - The Gherkin

30 St Mary Axe




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