Lens, Park House

Patterned laminated glass is supported by a tensile net of cables, restrained by a steel frame cantilevering 8m from the ground.


Carpenter / Lowings Architecture + Design

Land Securities

Working with Carpenter / Lowings Architecture and Design, we engineered a simple and elegant entrance sculpture to mark the office entrance for this large new mixed- use building for Land Securities that occupies an entire city block at the West end of Oxford Street.

The sculpture is lens shape in plan and 8m x 8m in elevation. Reflective interference patterns fritted onto the curved laminated glass panels, combined with Carpenter / Lowings’s signature use of light, result in a remarkable dynamic visual effect whilst maintain transparency.

The supporting cable net is enclosed within a harp-type structure which maintains high tension loads in the cables in order to resist wind loading on the glazing without transferring tensile forces into the main building structure.


Shortlisted for 2013 Surface Design Award - Day Lighting

Lens, Park House




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