Litro Concept Fuel Station

Prototype canopy with a very thin visual profile and minimal columns in a seismic zone

Bucharest, Romania

Eight Inc and Saffron


EOC were retained by Eight Inc and Saffron to assist in the design of a concept fuelling station canopy initially for a site in Bucharest, Romania.


The clear ambition of the designers was to ensure that the canopy had the sharpest thinnest profile visually while limiting the number of vertical columns resulting in significant cantilevers. EOC studied structural systems to achieve this in various materials ultimately settling on a stressed skin structure where by the internal structure acts compositely with the skin to enhance stiffness and strength, similar in concept to the structure of an aircraft wing.

In addition to the evolution of the canopy it was essential to provide sufficient lateral stiffness to the structure in a relatively high seismic zone. This was achieved with a combination of cantilever columns and bracing back to the structure used to house the shop and payment facility.

Litro Concept Fuel Station




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