Milner Library

Competition-winning design for renewal and recladding of this landmark civic building in central Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Teeple Architects / Architecture ATB

City of Edmonton / Edmonton Public Libraries

As part of a competition-winning design team, EOC is currently providing full facade engineering services on the renewal of Edmonton’s central library.

The project involves the replacement of an outdated precast concrete facade with a high-performance glazed facade, improving the building’s energy efficiency and enhancing the internal environment in a climate which ranges from +35C to -35C.

The key challenge in the facade design is balancing the need for greater transparency and lighting conditions with the need for good thermal insulation, considering Edmonton’s extreme winters and the target of LEED Silver. To that end, we are carrying out thermal and lighting studies to optimise the placement of glazing while maintaining the required overall U-value. EOC is carrying out the full design of all cladding and glazing systems.

Milner Library


T5J 2V4



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