Museum of Westward Expansion


St Louis



James Carpenter Design Associates



City Arch River 2015

The James Carpenter designed new entrance to an Expansion of Eero Saarinen’s emblamatic 1950’s museum beneath the St Louis Arch, commemorating the Louisiana Purchase and the foundation of the modern United States, merges modern technology with this iconic historic Architecture.

The existing building, which is largely underground, is now supplemented with a 300 foot long curved structural glass entrance façade using custom blast engineered structural glass panels.

Eckersley O’Callaghan developed an innovative prestressed structure with preloading tendons hidden within the glass joints that allows the 30’ cantilever glass canopy to be achieved with minimal stainless steel framing that was tuned for optimal blast performance using ductile plastic hinge failure mechanisms designed to absorb the dynamic shockwaves.

Museum of Westward Expansion

St Louis


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