Nelson's Ship in a Bottle

Steel framing for the restriant of the bottle to the stone plinth. Steel props disguised as ropes support the neck of the bottle.

Trafalgar Square, London

Yinka Shonibare

Shonibare proposed a 1:10 scale model of HMS Victory contained in a clear bottle 5m long and 2.4m in diameter. It was intended as an amusing take on the familiar miniature ship in a bottle, enlraged to the scale of the fourth plinth in one of London’s most important public spaces, as well as referring to the artist’s own cultural origins.

We were responsible for designing the structural frame which supports the ship and bottle on the stone plinth. This was carefully integrated into Shonibare’s proposal – the ropes around the bottleneck are in fact steel propos which support the neck, which would otherwise have been overstressed. 

Nelson's Ship in a Bottle

trafalgar square



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