Portsmouth Tennis Pavilion

A new pavilion to transform existing tennis courts into a world-class facility with maximum transparency and a first floor viewing terrace.





PAD Studio



Canoe Lake Leisure

Canoe Lake Tennis Club is transforming their existing grass courts into world-class tennis facilities to meet international standards, with players from around the world scheduled to compete in pre-Wimbledon qualifiers.

A new pavilion was required to serve as a permanent base for the club and host a range of sports and community classes throughout the year.

The brief called for maximum transparency, large openings at ground and first floor levels offer views to the grass courts with terraced outdoor seating on the first floor roof.

Eckersley O’Callaghan has engineered the structure for the new pavilion. The structure uses load bearing blockwork to support a concrete first floor slab. The slab has voids to reduce weight and achieve the large open spaces at ground floor. The slab’s soffit is exposed as fair faced concrete internally.

A lightweight steel framed at first floor is detailed to achieve the roof’s slim profile by reducing in depth towards the edges and includes stiffened notches through the steelwork to accommodate roof gutters into the depth of the steel frame. The roof is infilled with timber rafters.

Portsmouth Tennis Pavilion

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