Private House, Côte d'Azur

A private residence carved into its rock foundations and featuring a glazed double height central atrium.


Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France


PPF Goujon Architectes


This private residence on the peninsula St Jean Cap Ferrat, South of France is a mix of concrete lower levels and lightweight steel and timber upper levels. The large central double height atrium is flanked by two full-height concrete walls which support the cantilevering gull-wing roof, internal bridge between the two halves of the residence, and form a primary line of lateral stability. Extensive excavation in the peninsula’s rock was required to form the below ground garage and stepped floor plates which follow the slope of the land.

At ground level, column-free interiors with spans up to 8m form the main living quarters with large openings into the outer courtyard, while supporting smaller glass enclosures and green roof/sun decks above.

Delicate re-entrant facades, front and back, span the full height using bronze clad cruciform columns to form the geometry and aesthetic of the elevation.

Private House, Côte d'Azur




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