Private residence requiring maximum transparency over four floors in a hurricane prone region. 


Long Island, New York



Leroy Street Studio




Sagaponack residence is situated in a secluded area of Long Island with uninterrupted views of the nearby ocean, offering 6 bedrooms and spanning across 4 floors.

The architectural intent for maximum transparency presented a number of environmental challenges.
The location is a hurricane prone region and one of the most corrosive localities in the country. The design of the building comprised of a slender and significantly exposed steel and glass structure.

Eckersley O'Callaghan has engineered a double-height open living room resulting in two stability systems – each of which employed a steel braced bay as well as a structural concrete chimney. Full-height stainless steel mullions and impact resistant insulated glass units enclose the majority of the building. Providing a stiff roof diaphragm and accommodating both vertical lateral deflections was paramount.

The client required full integration throughout the proprety, we designed the staircases at each end of the building and the elevated interior bridge in tandem with the primary structure.

We were able to develop a system that limits human induced vibrations whilst maintaining a slender aesthetic. Full height (37ft) pre-tensioned cable walls were adopted to act as guard through the center of each staircase. A spring board base maintains pre-tension as it supports the roof.


Long Island

Long Island

New York


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