Winter Garden

Triple glazed pyramidal glass roof with no steel frame. Triangular glass panels 3m long lean and thrust against each other.


Ian Ritchie

Sainsbury family charitable trusts

Eckersley O’Callaghan were selected to work on this project through an invited engineering competition.

The aim was to turn a dank external yard in the centre of Westminster into a space usable all year round for dining and communal facilities at the headquarters of the Sainsbury family charitable trusts.

Surrounded by tall walls on three sides, a pyramidal glass roof brings light into the space. The roof is made from triple glazed triangular units with no steel framing above the base, so the panels thrust against each other.

A stainless steel ring beam which also forms the perimeter gutter is supported on four slender laced stainless steel columns. This resolves the thrusts from the pyramid.


Careful analysis and detailing of the joints and supporting structure ensures that deflections and stresses are controlled. 

Winter Garden

Gayfer Street



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