Moritz Michel
Project Engineer

Moritz joined Eckersley O’Callaghan in 2019 as a CAD Technician, aftter gaining five years of experience as a Design Engineer at Frener & Reifer. He has a vast knowledge on the design, development and analysis of technical solutions and details as well as execution, workshop and installation planning.

Moritz’s previous experience as a Site Manager enables him to forsee construction issues in design stages and enhances his wide technical knowledge to share with the practice. A speaker of 4 languages, Moritz has worked in four countries and has extensive experience working on a range of projects across the world.

Moritz forms part of our embodied carbon focus group, which researches ways to calculate and reduce the embodied carbon in projects, ensuring the practice is working towards a more sustainable future. He also has advanced training in tendering and contract regulations, and health and safety.