Shum Yip Towers

Glazed curtain wall design of towers 390m and 300m tall and cable wall design for pavilion building

Shenzhen, PRC


Shum Yip Holdings Co. Ltd

Located in Shenzhen, the People’s Republic of China, with a combined facade area of over 1.7 million s.ft., the Shum Yip office and luxury hotel complex comprises two 80 and 60 storey towers, with an associated 7 storey Ballroom Pavilion Building.


The various building enclosures include a unitized pressure equalized thermally broken curtain wall, a 24’ long span butt glazed mullion-less structural glass entrance system, a 49’ long span glass fin support glass podium wall with exterior glass louvers, and a sloped custom steel long span glass wall to the Ballroom Pavilion.

EOC assisted SOM with the facade engineering of the systems, ensuring that all of the proposed facade and glass element sizing met the local and National Code requirements of China, as well as the very high typhoon wind loads in excess of 150psf (7.5kPa).

Pre-engineering of the systems ensured that the SOM design intent could be realised by the Chinese facade contractors, preventing defensive pricing, allowing for a fast-track shop drawing process and ultimately a successful project delivery.


The project is pre-certified LEED Gold and is currently under construction

Shum Yip Towers

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