Object display in the new gallery commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

This major new gallery commemorates the role of the United Kingdom in the First World War.

A number of substantial objects from the IWM collection required our input to ensure that they were safely displayed in accordance with Casson Mann’s vision for the gallery.

The largest of these was the Mk V tank, its monocoque structure of cast iron plates weighing over 21 Tonnes. This was intended to be displayed rearing up over the viewer at 30 degrees. However the IWM Conservation Department had reservations about this since the original iron used in the vehicle was of very poor quality. We modelled the tank’s principal structure using finite element software to demonstrate that peak stresses in the material would be safe.

We designed the steel frame to support the tank, which integrated its means of jacking up at an angle and providing restraint to hold it there, with the least amount of intervention to the fabric of the historic object itself.

We also designed supports for the Jack Cornwell gun, and suspension structures to hang the Big Bertha and Carbonite bombs as well as the Sopwith Camel biplane and the Cloud Car observation structure.

London, UK

Imperial War Museum

Casson Mann