Strancally Castle

New addition to a historic house. Underground box with highly loaded glass rooflight and a glass wall which moves through the water of the swimming pool.


Munchenbeck and Partners


The full renovation of a sizeable Victorian building on the Blackwater in Ireland included a new spa and pool. The Architect responsible for his portion of the work recognised the importance of keeping the new facility adjacent to the existing castle and therefore directly accessible, without obscuring the impressive elevations of the castle itself. The solution was to bury the spa below ground. EOC were retained as structural engineers for the project, designing a concrete box below ground to house the pool and spa. Limitations on levels and the additional challenge of running the landscape over demanded a creative roof solution. It was opted to use long span precast units to maximise span without the need for internal columns while minimising structural depth. 

Within the green roof is a large skylight which EOC designed with glass beams to support it, giving capacity for full garden party loading! 

One end of the pool is separated from the outside by a fully automatic frameless glazed door that slices through the pool water surface and is designed to withstand wind loads as a membrane in the closed position. 


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