A quintessential Parisian apartment on one of the world’s most famous shopping boulevards has been converted into a new flagship Apple store. An interior courtyard is covered by a unique roof-light, comprising mirrored pyramids that project a kaleidoscope of reflected sunlight within.

Eckersley O’Callaghan provided engineering services for the new flagship Apple store in Paris. The project has involved the careful restoration of a historic Parisian apartment building on the Champs Elysees, with modern insertions seamlessly integrated within the existing fabric to create a dynamic contemporary retail environment.

A central courtyard has been covered with a rooflight to create a focal point that will host the store’s Today at Apple events. The rooflight spans 14 metres at the fifth-floor level. It features Building Integrated Photo-Voltaic cells on alternate triangular glass panels. These opaque panels are clad on the inside with reflective aluminium-faced pyramids, creating a kaleidoscopic aesthetic that is unique among Apple’s outlets.

We provided structural design of the steel roof structure supporting the glazing, and facade and glass design of the rooflight. Solid rectangular fin beams were used to minimize the width of steel structural members and maximise the areas of clear glass in the skylight. Significant lateral load transfer to supporting buildings was avoided through the use of perimeter ring beams resisting thrust from the inclined primary beams of the pyramidal rooflight.

We were also involved in the design of the storefront facade glazing and the main entrance glazing, ensuring minimal aesthetic impact on the intricate surrounding details of the historic passage. The height of the doorframe meets the corniche at four metres, with the curved panel above silicone-bonded to a curved steel strip fixed back to the main structure. Design of the internal glass balustrades, smoke barrier glass panel, flagpoles and lighting rail also fell within our scope.



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