As technology advances, architecture plays an increasing role in yacht and ship design, expanding the options available to yacht owners.

Large-format glazing can be used to create spectacular vistas, while dramatic canopies, feature staircases and swimming pools can all be integrated within a ship’s design.

These structures must withstand the physical pressures of being at sea; loads are often far greater than those imposed on buildings. They must also meet stringent industry-specific regulations.

Our early engagement with the classification societies is often required for innovative and bespoke schemes. Developed design must happen early in the process. We’ve found our specialisms in other areas of our work are increasingly sought after by some of the world’s top yacht and ship designers and builders to make better and more spectacular boats.

There are numerous areas within a marine project where we can add value to the design process.

The standard approach to procuring external glazing panels involves creating a panel list matrix showing the required dimensions and design loads. This is typically passed onto the glass fabricator to define the required build-up.

As demand increases for larger panels with more complex geometries, a more detailed approach and review is required. This includes reviewing how the connection interfaces can accommodate the hull deformations. Specific areas where we can utilize our expertise include:

  • Large-format glazing panels, including atriums
  • Complex curvature and geometries, including cold bending
  • Connections between glass elements and bonding to hull structure
  • Finishes and high-performance coatings
  • Fire-rated glass systems
  • Environmental performance
  • Accommodation of hull movements and tolerances

Feature Glass
Marine designers are now seeking to ulitise glass in areas of their ships beyond external cladding, such as:

  • Glass staircases
  • Glass floors
  • Skylights
  • Swimming pools
  • Internal partitions and ceilings
  • Balustrades

New Materials
We work closely with manufacturers and academia to develop materials and products for use in new applications. This includes materials that can be combined with glass, such as supporting structure and connections. Our expertise covers:

  • Coatings (high performance, ceramic frit)
  • Glass size (tempered, laminated, chemically toughened)
  • Fittings (laminated inserts, silicones, adhesives)
  • Thin high-strength glass and composites
  • Parametric finite element analysis software and scripting