NYC Aids Memorial

Memorial sculpture in tribute to the lives lost to AIDS and the community that has shared their struggle.

New York City

Studio ai architects


New York City AIDS Memorial 

The New York City Aids Memorial sits at the entrance to a new park adjacent to the former St. Vincent Hospital, West Village, which housed the city’s largest AIDS ward and features prominently in the history of the disease.


The memorial is designed by Studio ai architects and features a prominent sculpture, for which we provided detailed structural engineering and acted as Engineer of Record for steel contractor Dante Tisi.

We engineered the long-span, slender steelwork, minimizing overall tonnage and resolving the complex prefabricated nodes to enable the elegance of the sculpture’s triangular forms. All elements were fabricated in Argentina, including premade tertiary aluminum slat panels, and assembled on site in New York.

The substantial completion of the memorial was marked with a public dedication on World AIDS Day on 01 December 2016.

NYC Aids Memorial

200-218 W 12th St

New York

NY 10011



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